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Aug 25, 2021
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Hi guys, hope you dont mind me joining your forum. I'm in my late aching 60's and all repairs have to be done outside sadly as space limited. Bought 2007 LC4 3 yrs ago 1 owner 187k on the clock full Toyota stamped book and checked with servicing dealer to make sure book ok. Been a long journey of repairs ever since! Perhaps should have taken a view and sold it but now it is finally running really well and smoothly with 198k on the clock. Toyota garage replaced the brakes, discs and pipes, the engine mounts, timing and aux belts, alternator and the turbo. Up until the turbo job I was pleased with the work they had done and charges were very fair, think they took pity on me! However they lost the plot when fitting the turbo although they did quote me much less than I could buy a turbo for let alone fit it. They didn't connect the hose back to the top of the intercooler, they re-used the rusty oil feed pipe which started leaking and various bolts were not tight.
Time to abandon Toyota so I laid under the car and fitted new oil feed pipe unit, gaskets etc, changed drive shaft (broke two socket wrenches undoing the hub nut), rattling external door panel fixings (fiddly job),
Sump guard (original rotted!). Lights packed up...brake light switch issue. Thud from driveshafts...had not been greased for a very long time! I do wonder what actually gets done on a deal 'full service'
All in all an expensive journey but I love this car (I must be mad) and my body aches everywhere after working on it haha.
I am very grateful to Roughtrax, what a helpful efficient bunch they are.
I am now on a mission to scrape off the rust on the chassis etc and treat it .... rotten job so far!
Have a feeling the rusty fuel filler pipe to the tank will be the next headache.
Radio/cd player no longer works after turbo fitted, guess garage disconnecting batteries did that, also window switch packed up but I worked out how to re-set each window so ok now. Perhaps fit a Halfords radio unit of some sort.
I enjoy reading your posts and will continue to do so, they have helped me a great deal, thanks guys. I really should have joined your club at the outset.
Welcome Eddie sounds like you got some bbq beer and stories to share at a camping weekend sometime in the future Raj another member has and is going through a similar situation as you is getting closer to his finish line are you going to do the clean up and treatment yourself or get a specialist for the treatment as im sure you can get some recommendations from members some answers may take longer than others depending on who has the knowledge vehicle and experience again welcome Eddie
Wonder what happened to your radio Eddie? Wouldn't have thought disconnecting the batteries would mean death for it. Is it asking for a security code or just not coming on at all?
Hi, the satnav never has worked but cd/radio part was ok. It now just states 'insert correct disc' follow but Japanese words. I inserted the satnav disc but no luck. No switches/buttons work or the on off switch but face illuminates. I thinks it is a lost cause!
Hmmm what model is it? Can you show us a pic?
I think it is a TNS600


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Steve, the thought of getting a specialist to clean and rustproof the underside appeals to me. I'm in Hertfordshire, any recommendations gratefully received !
Hi Eddie, I was in similar situation, even the achy arms :) except that I got aches 2 decades earlier. Well I too decided to do my own service after similar experience from Toyota dealer. I got all tools. Today spent 30 mins trying to figure out how to use the tools I bought. :) That’s a different fun learning how to use. After lot of consultations here and after a long story I finally got my LC running again. for rust proofing I got mine done at Krown. worth speaking to them n having Krown as one of the options
After I got my car fixed from dealer where I purchased it, I now gave it to RH&IR Cradock for full check up n find n fix any hidden issues. Didn’t get my car back yet so can’t comment much but worth speaking to them for fixing major issues. It’s one of the options
Thanks Raj, that's really helpful . Think I'll need a major service from the nhs before I've got all the jobs done on the cruiser
I think it is a TNS600

Looks like quite a few people moaning about this one:

From that thread I'm not sure if it needs a software reload or just needs the lens cleaning so it can read the DVD.