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New User - from Aus


New Member
Mar 7, 2023
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Hi Guys, my name is Tom Lennon, I live in Perth Western Australia and have just bought a 1HzJ 105,1998 model, it was one owner and has been serviced every 5000 klms since new. I am currently swapping over my "add ons" from my 1998 V8 2uz, which has served me well since 2017. I used it to tow my trailer boat from the East coast of Australia home to Western Australia, a total of just under 16,000klms. My intention is to turbo the 1HZ to make it "pull" a bit better than the heavy breathing NA! It will be used to tow a 21foot caravan around Oz at the end of this year.

I have a few years of 4X4 off road experience as I have also had a 1993 FZJ 80 and before that an FJ55 which had a2H conversion done to it, not byy me but by the previous owner, unfortunately he didn't change the diffs (came from a HJ75) and it could take a corner in 4th gear towing a trailer! But it was fun to drive.