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Now sold, 1978 HJ45 UTE - UK registered

Nick Sabrazat

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Mar 4, 2018
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Regretfully selling my HJ45, due to circumstances. It will be missed but I have had to make the difficult choice to sell this and keep another vehicle close to my heart.

Scroll down for images, video in here.

This is an Australian import, brought into the UK in 2016.

The first registered keeper, Mr Terrence C. went on to use it in France as British expat between 2016 and 2018 where it received some comprehensive documented work (mix of UK, Dutch and French invoices), which included:

  • Tyre and tubes in 2016
  • Injectors and fuel pump rebuilt in 2017
  • Coolant hoses in 2017
  • New master brake cylinder in 2017
  • Top engine rebuild including head and valve train rebuilt in 2018
The first registered keeper sadly passed away and his son, Chris C., brought it back to the UK and had it registered to its current number plate in 2019, The vehicle was then sold to the 2nd registered keeper in August 2020, Mr Ben W. Before selling the vehicle, Chris C. made sure that the vehicle was road worthy and paid an expensive bill to Overland Cruisers in October 2019 for:

  • Front axle and steering box rebuilt.
  • Brake system rebuilt.
  • Fuel system checked.
  • As well as replacing the glow plugs.

I purchased the vehicle in new year eve last year.

During my ownership, if have started sorting some of the gremlins out, including some of the electrical connections and sourced a heater box and air ducting at an exorbitant price. The heater would still need plumbing as I never received the pipes, but those could be made easily with a flaring tool and a pipe bender. I also had the radiator and starter motor refurbished and changed the regulator to correct the charging issue it had.

I was planning on doing a lot more work to the truck but, as mentioned at the start, I am having to move this on.
My new job was to try sorting out what I believed to be an earth issue on the instrument cluster.
The temperature gauge does not indicate the correct temperature, showing warm when cold and hot when warm (I have checked the temperature sensor versus actual measured coolant temperature and it’s all good). In addition, the ammeter is showing a discharge when the battery is charging leading me to believe that there may be a bad earth on the cluster. I will try to see if I can fix this before it sells.

Mileage on the odometer is currently 81547km although I presume it has covered a lot more in its life. The mileage will go up slightly as I am still using the HJ45 occasionally.

Condition-wise, the vehicle as never been restored from what I can tell, apart from a couple of small patches on the footwell. Chassis is still very solid, with only light surface rust. The truck carries a good wear (some may even call it patina) but it is perfectly useable as is or can be the base for a bare shell restoration. The choice is yours. The engine starts easily and run nicely.

Hopefully the images and video will speak for themselves. Note that the roof and front fenders are fibre glass components., fitting most likely when the vehicle was still fulfilling its duties in Australia.

Pricewise, I am struggling to put a definite price on this due to the rarity and niche demand for such vehicle. At the time of writing there is a complete HJ 45 restoration project for sell just under £10,000 on eBay whilst I’ve seen restored HJ47 fetching over £25,000 bids.

Given the condition of mine, I was looking towards the bottom end, hence circa £13,000 on the basis that it drives as it should and is perfectly usable as is. I am happy to have a mature conversation about the price and would entertain any serious offers.

The truck comes with a aluminium UTE bed and the drop-down side panels (those were removed in the images below, but can be seen in some of the images in this thread). The bed is solid and very practical being 2.4m x 1.4m in size.

The vehicle will be sold with a whole stack of receipts and a box of spare parts.

I am located in Halesowen, west of Birmingham.

I’m sure I will have missed lots of information, so do not hesitate to fire any questions away if you are interested in purchasing this HJ45. If you want to discuss this over the phone, just PM me and I’ll share my number.

Many thanks,




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