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Odd MOT argument today

Yep, government departments, police investigating the police scenario, especially if you are the only one? to stand up and be counted with him, and not roll over and accept it.
As you said the bogus fail will be 'lost' no department likes paper trails when at fault.
Well done for pursuing it to get a proper result !
BTW, how did you manage to get a pass certificate in the end, did the department send you a pass direct f.o.c. of course ?
Yeah Frank, my full beam indicator is fine and MOT reports where I am are a bit different than the mainland as there are no real tick boxing its more a summary of minor/major faults and braking efficiency etc. I should have posted up the MOT failure as he had put the regulation it related to. I took the failure notification to the department over here that regulates these test centres along with copy of my original owners manual to prove they only have high beam.

I received an email from them this afternoon profusely apologising for the error caused by their tester and their excuse was apparently there is an MOT regulation "All lamps must be working correctly, including headlights, tail lights, indicators (inc. hazard lights), side lights, brake lights and rear fog lights. The latter must activate a tell-tale symbol on the dashboard to alert the driver when they’re switched on."

Seems this young clown didn't understand the meaning of Latter. I can only think they are struggling to find new MOT testers and are taking anyone. Even if he had made a mistake I don't think having no dipped beam indicator on a modern car would be a failure anyhow.

My fault, I should have kicked up a hell of a row and demanded to speak to his supervisor but he really had me convinced I was wrong and remembered my young fellas car has a dipped beam indicator so thought maybe id a blown bulb. Ah well, failure has been removed from the cruisers record and she carrys on for another year,

Cheers, Dave.
How did you get it removed? My local MOT place has ballsed up. Failed it saying I'd removed the ABS pump when it was the AHC pump removed. Which they agreed but had already failed it.
Oh ffs, it gets worse dunnit ? Owners/drivers know more about their vehicles than those passing judgement
Hmg, op is in N.I. so different departments than G.B. but will still be interesting anyway.
Apologies for slow replies, didn’t notice this thread was still going.

Where I live is different to the Mainland regarding MOTs. We can’t just go to any garage testing centre like I used to do when lived in Leicester years ago.

Instead there are government run centres around the country that are really just large warehouses with the testing machines inside. The department of the environment run these or more accurately a branch of this department who I had to spend more time than I care to think about firstly getting to the right person and then convincing them their tester is an absolute clown. Then had to drive other side of the country with my failure certificate and my original owners manual to prove ‘93 cruisers had no such idiot light.

I guess to be fair it was sorted quickly and they even refunded my original test fee. Moral of story, stand your ground even when dealing with a so called ‘professional’.
A good result in the end due to your tenacity, a refund was good, as it cost you to run about to sort their clown's brain fade.
Good job you never got stopped on the way with a so called mot failure, that would be another story !
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Just as an aside....why do they bother fitting a low beam warning light and what's is it warning you about ?
Is it something that"s appeared on "modern" vehicles which have DRL's in addition to H&L beam headlights?
Thats it i think the problem now is the dashboards are all lit up on newer cars as soon as you turn them on!

New cars seem to be full of ipads anyway now :)
Just like watching telly, lol.
Off topic, but I don't see the distinction in using a mobile phone or watching an illuminated screeen to distract you, especially at night with the latter right in your face.
My interpretation of his thinking, or lack there of, is that on cars where the dash illumination is always on then there is a green “lights on” indicator, to remind dumb drivers they turned them on…for us folks with old tech, our dash only illuminates when we turn the lights on so that is the “indicator” that the lights are on…. Rocket science it’s not…
I get a lights "on" warning light.... the Mrs Merc has one because the lights can be set to auto so you might want to know the lights are on if it's a foggy day or the like but I wouldn't term it a "low beam warning light"
Think it’s weird to have a low beam warning light but can see that on cars with day light running and dumb drivers that it is probably necessary. The amount of people I see when it’s dark / raining / foggy who don’t have their lights on these days is just unbelievable- but every one of then has dlr (and I assume a dumb ass behind the wheel)
Low beam warning light to warn you lights are on (low beam) but dash illumination would tell you that ?

In daylight, dash illumination (especially on an 80 series) is practically invisible so, if you came out of thick fog to brighter conditions lets say, you could forget the lights were on. I've done it and the only thing that gave the game away was that the clock dims when the lights are on!:wtf:
Fair comment TP - but so what? Driving in normal daylight with your lights on isn't likely to dazzle anyone. Hell, I drive around with my lights on half the time to make sure the old biddies around my way can see me (apparently a couple of tons of 4x4 is difficult to spot)... I always thought the point of the high beam warning was to remind you not to dazzle people... can't see the need for a low beam warning at all TBH...
.....neither can I. I was just making the point that dash illumination couldn't be relied on to indicate the headlights were on. All road motorcycles in the UK have, for quite some time now, been legally required to run with dip beam headlights automatically when the engine starts, with no "off" switch. The requirement was first proposed in 1998 but I can't remember exactly when the law came into force. I remember adopting the practice voluntarily in the early 80's. My 2012 Kawasaki has them but my 2010 dirt bike doesn't, even though it does have lights, as it's a road registered Enduro machine which are exempt. On a motorcycle you can get a MOT on a bike with no lights fitted but it will be endorsed as "for daytime use only". Not sure if this also applies to cars.
That's why I put a question mark at the end, wondering if someone would bring up daylight ?