OF Toppic C Registration (now with some LC content)



Thanks a lot
To to tell you the long story. Now that I've sold my second 4x4 (that
was not a Toyota) I'm aiming to increase my yota collection (don't
tell my wife please). So... since I already have an 80 what's the next
logical move? A HJ60 or even a much better HJ61 and I'm also looking
at UK cars since no burglar with half a brain would steal a RHD car in
Portugal and also because in UK they seam much cheaper than anywhere
else in EU. Like the 80 the high engine volume taxation in Portugal
made that they were never sold around here.
I'm obviously looking at Ebay and frequently I see the C Registration
thing as if it is something worth mentioning. Now that you were so
kind to enlighten me I see that's only related to the year of the
plate I was thinking that could have something to do with being an
imported vehicle or something like that.
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