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Offroad/Overland prepped 100 Series


Mar 14, 2016
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Hi folks,

I'm currently looking for something to drive while I do the restoration of my 80 (it's taking longer than I would like and I'm not going to miss out on taking my kids outdoors because of it).

I could get an 80 (there are a few off-road builds knocking about), but would prefer a 100 because my wife will appreciate the comfort. However, everything I've found so far is still factory, so would prefer to buy from an enthusiast if they are selling. Doesn't have to be a prom queen / show pony - just looking for an honest truck I can treat right.

So I'm looking for a Hundy which at a minimum has some / all of the following sorted from stock:
- AT tyres
- roof rack - ideally Frontrunner; could also be roof bars
- upgraded suspension (nice to have)
- rear drawers (nice to have)
- everything else is a bonus...

Does anyone know of anyone looking to sell a clean, honest 100?

Many thanks in advance!
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Froggy Steve's 80 looks a good buy... (I know you said a 100, but...).

Good luck! :)
Green 100 series on ebay looks like it may be of interest to you. 2001 green £6995. Sorry cant do links
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