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Oil and temperature gauge



Jeremy wrote...
Still intrigued by what oils everyone out there uses...
Jeremy I use Castrol TXT synthetic and with a MAN filter and labour it
costs about 80 quid to change. This I do every 5000km. I usually change the
fuel filter at the same time cos we have rough diesel here.
Short interval I know but for reasons: a) the kind of driving I do which is
a lot tougher than in UK, b) short trips to the office from home and back
(but I get the engine warm in the process) c) I want it to live a long time !
Temperature gauge thread interesting. I don't know if the military spec has
any software behind it but my gauge has always risen when going up mountain
inclines on asphalt roads. 6 or 7 miles in 3rd or 4th gear is bound to heat
the engine. But as soon as I get to the top it goes back down to midway in
a couple of minutes. I see no problem with that.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia
On 18/12/04 7:28, "toy80" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Cheers Jon. I made a series of docs for BBC2, my own mad idea, about british
doctors working in Sarajevo during the war. Commuted in many times on the
airlift from Ancona and occasionally Zagreb, and had the use of ODA (now
DFID) Landrovers, often armoured and almost always unreliable, particularly
in the -25 of January. Have kept in touch with many people there and still
have very close friends. Will probably drive there some time in the next 12
months or so. I have to say, I preferred to drive soft skin cars as they
were faster but many of the armoured LRs had a different ratio reverse which
meant they could back out of trouble at twice the normal reverse speed.
Useful too.
Enjoy your weekend. I'm off to watch footie this afternoon as I have a
seqason ticket at a well known north london club - and it isn't arsenal!