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oils, generally



Renate, it is down to cost.
If you intend to change all the oils including axles and gearboxes on your 80 it will cost a small fortune from Amsoil.
Merely changing the engine oil will be at least =A370 for 10 litres, plus the additional oil used as the engine "adjusts" itself over to synthetic as earlier posts have spoken of. So we are suddenly up to =A3100 as you will need a third 5 Litre can to take with you.
My advice, get in touch with Fuchs UK ( SILKOLENE ) get them to give you the address of your nearest stockist. Talk to them and try to find what the calcium levels are in their oils. If suitable use their range of products. I used to have a trade account with them and used their oils for years before I had an L/C.
Alternatively as mentioned earlier Castrol Magnetec has near to the 3000 ppm calcium level.
I have been using Halfords semi synthetic engine oil for the past year. Negligible consumption between 5000 mile drains, new genuine Toyota oil filter every time. Whenever I see it on offer, sometimes buy one get the next for half price, I always get a couple to put in stock.
I have the last of my Silkolene oils in the transmission. To be changed next summer ( every 24 months ). I will try to get more of the same.
You get the oil - you know where my inspection pit is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gareth. PS - I may even bake a cake - don't tell Mr Byrne though.


Hi Gareth,
It was several years ago when I last checked, via oil analysis they
would not tell me, Fuchs diesel oil (and it was a mineral oil) and they
did not seem to have a high calcium based detergent diesel oil. Thing's
may have changed though.
In an ideal world aprt from Amsoil I would be looking for a synthetic
oil of 10w30 grade with low volatility, 3000+ppm Ca (4500ppm will do no
harm) relatively high levels of zinc and phosphorous and something with
good HTHS (high temp high shear) viscosity numbers. There are some
pretty clever oils osld in europe that we don't get here so you guy's
have many more choices. In NZ apart from mobil delvac 1 and Amsoil if
you want diesel oil you have one viscosity choice 15W40 or 15W40. As far
as oils built specifically for japanese diesel engines less than 1/2 a
dozen despite what the oil companies in NZ say about all the different
options they have.
Gareth Jones wrote: