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OLD Batteries


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Oct 10, 2022
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I have been refreshing my 2001 cruiser and now considering the batteries as I hope to start the car in September. I have done an inlet manifold clean up,fitted newTB and drive belts with new AC belt as well.Fitted new shocks and coils and both upper ball joints in front suspension(recommended in previous MOT)Ive also replaced the main silencer.Im looking for the nuts for the exhaust mani to Egr pipe As i damaged both on removal!!
the batteries have been standing idle since November and surely they’re definitely flat or dead….Is it worthwhile to try revive them or better to just get new pair of YUASA 5000 which seem popular??
comments and advice much appreciated!!
How old are they? If theyre less than 4 yrs id charge them up then test them to check their health
i do not know how old the batteries are but Ill follow your advice. Unfortunately they are not matched(different brand names)!!!
TBH I'd try charging them anyway, can't really do any harm. If you do need to change either of them, then I would replace both. Good luck!
If new needed try toyota and ask for a discount for a historic vehicle.
Got a pair for my 60 for £277 which was good for me
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