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Ongoing auto box drive still


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Apr 14, 2021
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Long story short, I bought a 2002 D4D auto with an iffy gearbox cheap. Was told by previous owner torque converter was gone. I drove it around for a while local & it was fine to get the fault & nothing happened. I then took it on a long run & after 70 miles isn’t & 1 hr of driving it started playing up. You could smell it had got hot & was losing drive. I limped it home pulling over every 15 miles or so to let it cool untill I made the 70 mile journey home.

I took it to a local gearbox specialist who said yes the box is worn out etc & needs a rebuilt which I agreed was the issue as I expected to have it rebuilt. It’s been in 1 month now & finally the box got rebuilt & fitted yesterday. I had also been down over the last weeks & seen the oil filter was rusty & the inside of the box was rusty which indicates it has had the coolant leaking in the box issue.

I called up this morning to ask if it was ready to be told “no as I’m not happy with it, still got the same issue losing drive but comes back once turned on & off” they asked me to pop down as they think it’s electrical.

Any ideas what might be the issue now as I don’t see many other issues for these accept coolant leaking in and screwing the box up?