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Osram Nightbreaker

Crispin Feb 26, 2010

  1. Crispin

    Crispin Administrator Staff Member Supporter Guru I am in great_britain


    Anyone here use them? I bought some in December and had one fuse on me on Monday night. The second just fused on me this morning.

    A colleague has used them in various cars and had well over a year out of them. Could I have just been unlucky or is the LC harsh on bulbs?

    I contacted the seller on Tuesday and they said they do not last as long as "normal" ones, this seems a bit short. They are happy to exchange it. I now have to tell them the otherone is fused as well...
  2. Jon Wildsmith

    Jon Wildsmith Super Moderator Supporter Guru I am in england

    Are those a higher wattage / higher output than standard bulb? I thought they were all short life / fragile and I should think a cruiser is harder on them than an ordinary car. If you can get HIR's I would use those, good light output and good life expectancy. Are 120's a H or HB fitting?
  3. Crispin

    Crispin Administrator Staff Member Supporter Guru I am in great_britain

    They are still the 55/60W standard H4s. They do burn hotter (so I am told) which is why they are brighter (again, I am told...) They are much better than the stocks but if they only last two/three months....

    The other chap has always had them on his Golfs which are all lowered and very hard suspension. I would have thought they would have had a tougher life in there...
    I'll try one more pair (for free ;) ) then try something else.
  4. KZJ90

    KZJ90 Member

    I used them almost a year after the other darkened. But I have used daytime-running lights at daytime. Now I have used Hella Xenon Blue 80/100W bulbs. There was marked 80/100W in the package and everywhere else too, but there is stamped 90/100W on the bulb flange... :? Those are very much as good as Nightbreakers, the colour is a little more white, but the light power is very much the same. And because somebody says it´s because of the wires, it´s not. I have replaced those original very thin ones to 2.5 mm2 wires and which are controlled by relays.

    I have Bosch Navigator Blue -extra headlights too (with 100W bulbs):
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