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Hi Guys=2C
I'm going to apologise for making a blatant spammy plug here! but i have just setup a 4x4 all makes forum aimed at overlanders and off roaders- no vehicle specific tech (and will be pointing people here or to TLOCUK for cruiser stuff)=2C but if you guys are interested then please come over and say hello- anything that you guys can add in respect to trips or kit would go down very well. Its a bit quiet at the moment=2C but getting busier all the time.

(apologies to anyone who feels this is agains the ELCO ethos)


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Yes it is a bit of a blatant plug, but I'll let it pass.
Out of interest, why setup another overlanding forum when there is the excellent HuBB - ?
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welli 've used HUBB a lot=2C but its very 2wheel orientated=2C also it doesn't include any off roading- its good for world wide trips and up to date info=2C but perhaps not just for tech or smaller trips into europe and UK.

Not trying to take anything away from Hubb=2C just giving somewhere a bit more 4x4 specific really- like many people i use a number of forums anywya and hopefully innovate4x4 will just be somewhere where people can get to know each other and discuss offroading in general rather than purely vehicle-pecific tech!
excellent HuBB - ?
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i concur with jv - with the dearth of genuine, experienced, 4x4
overland contributors, i don'tintend to dis your intentions but why
dilute the content any further by setting up a new forum? the 4x4 tech
is adequate and if any topic becomes "hot" then it always attracts
alot of attention. there is lots to learn from the bikers - esp. route
planning and overland logistics - as there are lots of other bb's that
cater for vehicle specific info. at the moment, and esp. when
travelling, it's hard to keep on top of all the different sources of
info and keeping consistent helps alot.
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