Panels are fitted, and saved a FJ45 from the Aussie Bush!


Active Member
I am in scotland
Dec 10, 2015
Up in the hills
Awesome video as always mate. You are so nearly there now, you must be dying to get it finished and on the road. I always sir down and watch Project Wrong Way and then your channel afterwards for the two different, er, "styles" of restoration!! Yours is mint, Ben's is.......well, more of an entertainment show

Just a bit worried that, on this vid, you didn't paint the new holes you drilled in the floor and the rear door bar.....

Keep up the good work


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I am in sweden
Aug 9, 2018
Looking great - it really is. I guess the parts will be put to good use but it was kind of painful watching the FJ troopy getting dismantled...I'm a lucky owner of one myself so didn't mind the camera falling over. Must have been an awesome drive out there and back.
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