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Morning John and compliments of the Season to you, quite a few people on
the list have invested in Toyota Parts lists either in paper format or
on CD. The paper lists are fairly expensive whilst the CD's appear from
time to time on EBAY. If you want to get hold of the paper lists you
will have to go through your Toyota agent, if that is not a viable
option because you find them unhelpful you will have to ask one of us to
source them for you.
Gareth Jones Newport S.Wales.
Renates problem, humour

Hi guys
I was looking at another list of course not as good as this one, but there
was mention of an inner seal going on the back axel and the fact that it was
no use to buy a new seal because it would not fit now. The guy had to buy a
second hand axel. I dont know if this makes any sense to you guys who unlike
me have cruiser brain cells that actually work. I know im always slaging my
self, but if I cant slag myself on a bad day then I cant slag anyone else on
my good day. Its not a bad day i just like slaging, its an irish thing we
all do it all the time. Tell me you dont need a new axel if an inner seal
goes please, im getting paranoid again, whats that noice is it a seal
bursting, will my diff oil mix with my bearing CV joint greese.
John c
92 HDJ 80 1HD-T Auto Ireland