Prop shaft


Sep 7, 2010
Woodford Green, London
:lol: :lol: :lol:

I had a bit of a lonk sound on my prop shaft when changing gears. A couple of my mates gave me advise.

Make sure you've greased the UJ joints.

Now look. It's the first time I've driven a car with a prop haft. I took me about a week the discover what and where it is.


Gone to Halfors and asked for a tin of the best. Got home to grease. Dressed in a overhall my mate gave me and armed with a tin of the best grease I dived under the truck.

I've filled my hands and grease the UJ it all the experiences I had. All of the UJ where covered with grease. You could not even see the joint.

Every impressed with myself I drive to my mate to show him how good I where. :thumbup:

He had a looked and burst into laughter. I've look at him very confused. Why are you laughing.????

When he got himself together he explained. You've have a number of nipples.

Nipple. (I'm a man of the church and he want to show me nipples) No No he explained. With have an number of grease nipples that need to to be filled with grease. He showed me all the nipples and handed me his grease gun.

Now half my truck's under body is full grease. On need for the WAXOIL.

So we learn.

PS. The Lonks it now gone.
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Mar 14, 2010
Me too Jimbo!
I'd never even mention,admit, even vaguely, something like this, especially to y'all on this forum, as it would be an admission of serious incompetence and guilt-tripping...!


Well-Known Member
Sep 7, 2010
My dad who has always adhered to the motto:"If grease comes out, nothing else is getting in!"

Well, after about 15 years of squirting the old grease out of the U joints and filling them up with new. You should have seen the underside of that vehicle.
Rust simply wasn't going to happen :whistle:
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