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Protective guards and armoured fitments: bumpers, lights, lenses, mirrors, glass, racks and chassis mounts


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Apr 14, 2023
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Hi All,
We have just received a commission in the workshop to design a range of custom guards to ship to dealerships in Africa for Toyota 4x4 and Commercial applications to support ongoing order and servicing
The tooling-up is going to be fun and we will be looking for owners to provide us with feedback on the performance, endurance and aesthetic aspects. If anyone is interested in participating in the pre-production run testing and feedback, we'd be interested to hear back.
Could be fun.

But you might need to get specific about vehicle models etc. Not much of what is on sale in Africa is found on local roads here.
I'd be in for anything 80 series but as you say if going to dealerships at 25 odd years old it's not going to qualify ...