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pulling codes



Hi Julian
After much research I decided to pull the codes on my engine using the sst
(paperclip) and terminals E1 and TE1. Nothing, no blinking lights despite
repeatedly trying it in all possible permutations. I did notice a small
grey breaker to the right of the socket and wondered if this had to be
pulled out first to switch on the diagnostic socket but not sure so left
well alone. And still the ABS light glows merrily. Will have to face facts
and take it to Toyota Sidcup and get them to pull the ABS codes and tell me
what is wrong with it. It will not be cheap but I need to get the beast
MOT'ed and I am not sure about pulling out the light to get it thru the MOT.
I have yet to find a reliable garage to maintain the LC here in SE London
hence my botched attempts at driveway wrenching.
Hope the Billings crowd had a good time? You certainly had wonderful
weather for it.
Simon Hughes