Purring kitten, need a growling lion....

Kelli-anne Hawkins Jun 22, 2019

  1. Kelli-anne Hawkins

    Kelli-anne Hawkins New Member It's my birthday! I am in australia

    Hi guys, I am new to this forum and sorry if there are previous threads about this subject that I haven't found,
    I just purchased a 2003 v8 auto landcruiser ( would have preferred a manual but it was a known to family vehicle and known to have been well taken care of ) and although it has a lovely purring kitten sound I really want it to have a nice deep throaty rumble. I am not talking about a loud Harley type "noise" just that gorgeous deep rumble threat of fun. Has stock exhaust system on it at the moment so please help me choose whatever is needed to make her sound awesome as she should. regards and thanks in advance. Kelli.
  2. Firewout

    Firewout Well-Known Member I am in belgium

  3. Shayne

    Shayne Well-Known Member Guru

    How an exhaust sounds is very tuneable so you should be seeking performance over noise , any experienced custom exhaust fabricator will shrug at your need for noise because that's the easy part .

    Go stainless because then you never have to pay for it again .
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  4. Kelli-anne Hawkins

    Kelli-anne Hawkins New Member It's my birthday! I am in australia

    Performance really isn't a big issue for me due to the way it will be used, on my week on I will be lucky to drive 2kms per day for 7 days, on my week off there may be one 400km return trip to go shopping and maybe 10kms around town for the week, very occasional towing of a 8x6ft box trailer, really not used to it's full advantage but needed for the amount of wildlife encountered on the shopping trip at night time. a sweet sound that I will really enjoy is enough to make up for the fact that it is an auto not a manual which I really prefer driving.
  5. StarCruiser

    StarCruiser Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in uk

    Hi Kelli-Anne and welcome. Happy birthday too.

    Although you’re not looking for performance, as Shayne says, that’s what many want by changing the exhaust. His advice is also spot on about a good exhaust fabricator. Quite often the American V8s use Cherry Bomb mufflers which sound great on an American V8 but, there’s often a difference in the way the engine fires between American V8s and more refined vehicles like the Cruiser. It changes the sound, but can still sound good with the right exhaust. Stainless is again the way to go as you’ll do it once and forget it.

    What might be the best way forward for you is to visit a (classic) car event and have a listen to similar trucks. Better still, a 4x4 day nearby. Have a listen and see if you can get the name of a good exhaust fabricator nearby. The other way is to look for and choose a fabricator then ask him if he has a customer with a similar vehicle you could go and listen to. That way you can also get a look at his workmanship and ask the owner about his experience too.

    There may be off the shelf systems available. Oz has a pretty good after market scene for cruisers so there may be something available but check reviews again.

    Finally there’s the trial and error method if you’ve got someone tame who can cut and weld the existing one for you. You may even be the type of gal that can do this sort of thing yourself in which case go for it.

    Like the thread title BTW. :thumbup:
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  6. fbnss

    fbnss Well-Known Member Supporter I am in england

    first one that popped up on youtube, skip to 5:30
  7. Jacob100

    Jacob100 Well-Known Member Supporter I am in uk

  8. clivehorridge

    clivehorridge Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in romania

    Happy belated birthday Kelli-Anne :occasion-birthday:

    Too many kittens in our house, 4 orphans on the drip-feed...

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