Radio wiring.



So my daft question of the week is - does anyone
know the coding for the wiring on my Philips
radio cassette please? It is the DIN standard
slide-in type, and I have mounted it in the
skeletal metal DIN frame that locks into the dash aperture.
I exhumed this radio from my garage a long time
ago and have just got round to fitting it. I
bought and fitted it into another car years ago
without a problem. Though that is maybe cos I had
a handbook then ! (It was the identical model to
that which was OEM in a Carlton I had had from
new). The paper wiring diagram on the side has
unfortunately rubbed off. I think I can make-out
the model number - Philips 22DC 670/60 w.c.v. FD 018950. 9329605
I have 4 cables to attach and all terminated in
what I think is a DIN pattern multi plug that
goes into the back of the radio underneath an 8
way speaker terminal plug. (The aerial is the
usual co-ax type). The thick red is positive,
thick brown is negative (no black), thin brown is
the panel light and connected to the lighting
circuit, thick yellow/red bands - I thought - is
for the radio memory and always to be connected
to a live from the battery. On this radio the
multi-plug does not have a cable going to the tag
that powers the electric aerial if so fitted, but
the terminal on the radio tests out OK, providing
power when the radio is turned on.
All works OK except for the memory. The banded
cable that I thought was the correct one for
this, is wired to a permanent live feed at the
back of the ign switch. Its not a question of
plugging it into a Toy socket already existing on
the loom, its not part of my military spec
wiring. So there is not even a socket that I might play with.
The plug viewed from behind looks thus -
=A6 X
X X =A6
=A6 No
Electric Aerial +ve feed =A6
=A6 terminal
feed (unused) (thick red) =A6
=A6 X
X X =A6
=A6 Memory feed
? Panel -ve feed =A6
=A6 (thick
red/ illumination
(thick brown) =A6
=A6 yellow
bands) (thin
=A6___________________________________________________________________ _=A6
(I hope that comes out clean on the list)
I have gone through it all with my multi-meter
and all seems OK and my suspicious negative does
test out as expected. I have tried to find a
diagram on the net but failed unfortunately.
Any ideas ? TIA
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus