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Re handbrake folk stories



| I am sorry the guys if my expressions did upset you but last night I
had some wine to much maybe.
| In France most every joke is about butts and genitals and I try always
to ask my English colleague
| for advice on how to say stuff without making offense in English. Like
we say merde every day
| hundred times but to say that in English my friend tell me is not OK.
Upset us? Non non non (as M. Chirac used to say to Mme. Thatcher).
I was just fascinated by the expression which was new to me. A lot of
things sound really odd when translated literally and I wondered what
the original French was. We all swear too, except in front of the
| So maybe my handbrake is not done right? I can tell you that if I
forget it then it does not slow
| down the truck. So now I only use it when I want to be reely sure the
truck will not go slip. Oh
| yes my rusted cable is renewed and rusting hydraulique line also.
I don't know. Mine will stop the truck ... eventually, and will also
hold it on a hill. But I would never trust only the handbrake on any
car, I would always leave it in gear. On a really steep hill I'd put it
in low range too (mine is a manual).
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Didn't offend me - I was also fascinated by the expression. I am afraid the
air around here can be un-necessary blue, I would certainly find it unlikely
that the French swore more than the English (don't worry, I not even putting
the Scots into the equation cause half the time I can't be sure they swore
and I am quite good with scots accent, Irish just use clever slang and the
Welsh I know have better manners than most).
But where does the phrase "pardon my French" come from?
Anyway back to handbrakes - we have just (today) had a company Nissan Navara
into the stealership with "horrible steel on steel noises" (didn't hear it
my self) from the rear axel, dealer found the handbrake was stuck on,
dragging one side, driver is a engineer, no idiot, and knows the difference
between a squealing brake and a horrible sound. Noise only occurred at full
lock and dealer though it might have been the handbrake operating on the
outside and causing the LSD (they claim to have one in the rear) to out
drive on the inside wheel in the corner - anyone think this likely?
Malcolm Bagley
Stafford UK
FJ45 '75 & FJ45 '76
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