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rear axle hub rebuild?


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Mar 1, 2010
I have just done my front hubs and was wondering as to what work should be undertaken on the rear axle before going on a 20k mile overland trip.

My 80 has 136k miles on it and the original front bearings were a bit tired so decided to change them all including steering. Do the rear bearings wear at the same rate?

Also i have been looking at the fsm and for the full floating axle, there is a rather odd bearing tightening nut which seems to require a SST (special service tool i think). What could i use instead of the SST?
I stripped and rebuilt my rear axle over the last couple of weeks, however, i haven't got round to refitting the hubs yet. If the bearing nut you are refering to is the same as on my axle then i just undid the lock screw with an impact driver and wound the bearing nut out by hand. I recon you could make up a tool by cutting down an old socket to leave 2 prongs to act on the holes in the bearing nut.
It would be worth inspecting the rear bearings Rob and it's not difficult. Remove the caliper and disc/drum and pull the half shaft. Then you will be able to feel if there's any play and spin the hub to check it runs free. You can cut 3 gaps into your 54mm socket to fit the lugs on the adjuster and that's supposed to work well enough (I used a home made tool which is just a slice of bar the right diameter drilled for the lugs and a 1/2" drive hole milled in the middle). Don't know about anyone else but I always found an impact screw driver, the type you hit the end of, made short work of breaking the lock screws free without mangling the heads.
Thanks for the info guys, now i remember Julian mentioning a modified 54mm socket will work. Could someone post a pic of a modified socket please.

If i cut up my 54mm socket will i be able to use it on the front hubs as well?
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