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recovery and rustproofing



Not sure what the eyes are (don't have them on mine) - presume std chaining
points and yes they are strong enough.
I have some welded onto the front and back so higher up 4 pulling (hard 2
find the lower down hooks when sunk in mud :)
I've not used my hi-lift jack in anger (4 towing) but hear the TirFor (and
that style) are pretty good. The 'better' ones start (price wise) coming up
2 the low-end of a winch ...
on the rust-proofing aspect I'l strongly advice in doing so (if u're keeping
I've a 96 that had 5-6 yrs in Scottish rain (and some 4x4 mud) and its
showing signs of rust.
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Hi Guys
Having being pulled by another 4 x 4 up a wet grass bank the other day (my
mate got it stuck not me) in my new LC, it got me thinking about basic
recovery equipment. Hopefully someone can help me with following:
1. Are the standard lashing down eyes strong enough for a recovery? Or
should I upgrade to something stronger?
2. Is the Hi-Lift jack any use as an emergency winch, or is a there a
better option out there such as a Tirfor?
3. As I am planning on keeping the car for a long time, am I best to look
at proofing the chassis?
Sorry for all the questions, but I'm sure there will be some opinions out
Mark Hughes
Sheffield, UK
2000 Colorado 3.0TD GX (95 Series), Standard
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