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removal and repair of front output shaft extension


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Jun 21, 2017
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MtnGoatNew Member

Hello to all you Cruiserophiles. I just located this arena and since I need more help than I used to need, I figured I should waste no time leaping head first into the swamp.
My wife and I married in 1974 (still going strong) and the first thing we bought as a couple was a 1971 FJ 40 with 30,000 street only miles on it. We still have the thing but due to many factors haven't driven it since 1986. It has been cared for and parked inside for the majority of the time. Now it's time to put it back to work. But first it needs some repairs (why it got parked all those years ago). I do all the repairs myself and know it pretty well. BUT! I must remove the output extension to replace the bearings. Never tackled that before since it never came up. So I know one of you can tell me what a job it will be (or not, I hope). This is job 1 of several more minor problems to solve. So if you don't mind sharing your experience on the bearing problem I would sure appreciate the information.
I posted this in the wrong forum by accident and was advised by some of the friendly members that A) I should post this in the, then unknown, 40 series forum and B) they didn't understand which part I was referring to. In the Toyota Motor Co. chassis and body repair manual #98077-1 the part is referred to as the output shaft extension. This is the part through which the output shaft to the front differential passes. Does that make sense? If not it's probably because I'm a native Texan and I'm told I don't speak English. But I think they're all just jealous. Thanks!
All the best to you.


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Mar 6, 2010
I've never striped a transfer case - don't you have to be a member of some darkside coven to go inside gearboxes, etc(?) - but if you look at online catalogue page 68 there are fully exploded drawings and the list all the parts. Sor are in California and their parts are excellent, not the cheapest but I've never had a problem in 15 years of using them. Their tech support is good with real people answering the phone!
From the drawings it looks like you can draw the nose cone away replace bearings, gaskets and rebuild. I'm sure it is a lot easier to write about than do.
Hope that helps.