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renate - back in the land of the living.just about...



hi guys
just thought i'd inform you all that i am back - dunno how long for,
but for the foreseeable future (unless either me or l'beast just do a
dive bomb into the land of dreams and imaginings, or some such thing).
still under doctor's orders to take life a little easier and, spend more
time resting and recuperating than working...trapped nerves between
vertebrae, and spinal column inflammation is INCREDIBLY painful, tends
to scupper everything.
renate (still only one-handed...)
[TECH] [Battery charger]

Hi guys
I was as usual looking at sites on the web and came across a charger to jump start another vehicle. Instead of using jump leads as we all tent to do, you simply plug in to your cig lighter and the other persons cig lighter , and in 5 to 10 minutes the low battery is charged.
Hve any of you come acroos this and what are your views.
92 HDJ 80 !HD-T Ireland