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Reply to Renate - additionals



Well, I have the exact same problem - always trying to make l'beast
look that little bit different, not that its a bog-standard beast. I'd
like a few bits of bells and whistles but like always, its always to do
with the paper stuff - I never have enough of it for any planned
I'm thinking that I'd still like to add things but for me its never a
purely cosmetic thing - I have this silly idea in my head that the beast
looks like what's supposed to do - get a few dents here and there, a
couple of extra holes, these kinds of things...
I'd like to identify l'beast as 'mine' individuate it a bit but don't
know where to start - if there is any cosmetic additionals than the
additionals have to serve a useful purpose......and this is where it all
goes to pot.....
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Renate Wrote
You're so self-effacing! just like me. whats the story about your
Hi There
You must have eaten a dictionary for breakfast. The wheels issue as
always boils down to money and the practical side of things aswell , as
per the list advice that I have received. Bigger wheels are costly and
the tyres are more expensive too, on an ongoing basis. The wheels that I
would like are always just that bit too much and then when I nearly
decide to get them , the company do not deliver to europe. Nice one
decision made for me move on, didnt want them anyway ha. Im always
trying to find ways to make the cruiser a bit different then others but
way it up all the time being so practical.
John c
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Auto Ireland