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reverse gear - auto gearbox



Hi guys and gals
Got a concern about my reverse gear.
It engages okay but as I start reversing there is a sound like something is
catching metal on metal? It's a regular sound - I first thought it was
maybe a stone getting into the mechanism somehow, it doesn't happen in any
of the other gears - because I'm worried about it not working in reverse I
first put it in reverse than as I manoeuvre, I put it in neutral.
Any suggestions as to what it might be?


So it could potentially be serious then....oh s**t!
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Hi Renate,
Check your passenger side engine mount. That went on my 80 and when
reversing the engine twisted to rattle the sump against the mount. In my
case the very edge of the sump was folded over as evidence or you could
carefully jack up the engine and if I'm right you'll see a gap where the
mount bond has failed. Not a massive job to replace if so.
Best regards,
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