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pyemaster Mar 30, 2018

  1. pyemaster

    pyemaster Member

    So a month or two ago I swapped the head unit on my wife's Civic.

    All good, no dramas, worked fine, but showed up how rubbish the stock speakers were.

    So, a week ago I fitted new speakers in the front doors, hooked up the wiring to the new terminals, all good, no dramas.

    A few days later, driving on the motorway with the sound up (but not stupidly high), the sound suddenly cut out. Stereo still working, display fine, functionality fine, just no sound, to any speakers.

    I thought I better strip the doors down again and see whether the terminals on the new speakers were grounding out on metal in the door, and the stereo could have shut off is output to save the amp. However, on doing this there was no evidence on either of the speakers that the terminals were creating an issue, and certainly no burn marks where something could have shorted.

    I checked the main fuse box in the car and nothing amiss, removed a couple to check, but they were fine. No particular fuse for the stereo marked either.

    Before I could remove the head unit and check the fuse at the back (it's complicated in this car and involves taking a third of the dash apart), I thought I'd try it again by turning the ignition on and lo and behold it all worked fine, sound to all speakers.

    I tried it initially at a low volume (as I figured perhaps the highish volume had triggered the stereo to shut down its sound), and it was fine, so I gradually increased volume a few times, and it all seemed fine (bar a few rattles in the door at higher volume due to the speakers kicking out greater bass frequencies). All good though, problem had gone away.

    Anyway, as it's now peeing down with rain, today it decided to do it again. This time, regardless of the volume, it starts up after switching the ignition on, plays music for a couple of seconds then cuts sound to all speakers again, back to silence. Head unit still working fine, with full functionality and display, just no sound.

    Now, ordinarily I'd think fuse, but seeing as it's only sound, and now that it's coming and going, I think I can rule this out. I presume it's an auto safety feature in the head unit (Sony), but the speakers are new JBL 6.5" ones, and can comfortably handle the output of the stereo.

    The only thing I haven't changed are the wires, but as it's doing it now within a couple of seconds even at a very quiet volume, I don't think they'd be failing?

    I'm confused. Any leccy guys out there think they know what it could be??

  2. StarCruiser

    StarCruiser Well-Known Member Supporter Guru I am in uk

    What impedance speakers are you using and what impedance is the output of the stereo head unit capable of feeding? You may also need to check connections for any ICE mute aren’t touching down anywhere. I’m not certain how these work, whether by + voltage or by shorting to negative (earth) but if not used they need insulating. Odd one, I actually think it maybe the former rather than the latter as it is abrupt and permanent until reset with the ignition. Is there any indication in the manual’s troubleshooting section? You won’t see any evidence of arcing as there won’t be enough current involved and in any case it affects all 4 channels.

    If the head unit is new it sounds like a warranty issue, possibly something with a dry joint or similar getting hot and disconnecting. Sounds like the problem is getting worse.
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