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Rock sliders


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Jun 15, 2023
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Does anyone know of anyone selling or fabricating rock sliders for an 80? Not a fan of the fabryka ones.
Think he said he’s only making things as he needs them for his wagon
Fair enough, I wrongly remembered him posting on here about making other parts at his fabrication works. Hasnt been seen on here for a while.
Those are nice but the price is eye watering and pre shipping and duties. I’m trying to get a fabricator to make some up for me, seems to be the only way of getting any at a reasonable price.
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I had a set of sliders sat in the garage for 6 years before I sold them. After driving extensive lanes across England and Wales, and 1,000s miles of off-road trails across Europe and Russia, I have never once needed a set of sliders. For the cost of a set of sliders I would imagine there are much better options to spend the money on, or put the money towards a good trip.
I’d say it’s down to personal preference. I wish I could say I’ve never needed rock sliders when I didn’t have them but I have unfortunately, and there’s times I’ve had them where I’ve been pretty grateful for the £600-800 spent. Plus the wife needs a step ladder to get in with after the lift so win, win all round.