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Aug 26, 2023
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Hello all

Just got on the forum for the first time.
Bought a 2000 LC 100, no frills, mall crawler. Actually the wife bought a 2021 LX 570. After putting a whole bunch of miles on the LX as if it were her job she made me find another toyota SUV that could get our 5 person family around Texas.
Not exactly a cream puff, but not thrashed either. 192K on the LC's odometer. So far had to fix tail lights, seat cover front buckets, refurbish center console area. Working on get a good second key, but the worn door lock mechanisms have to be replaced first, and I've yet to find and purchase an ECT PWR 2nd button (previous owner spilled a latte all over everything, shorted it out.
Vehicle is intended to be a reliable rig we can take to the beach, the mall, or TX state parks when we can get away on short weekends. Nothing too crazy, but off roading is in the future (nothing crazy). Im trying to talk her into a slight 2" lift. I also run XC races that usually require an overnight stay. Don't see any reason why I can't stay in the LC in the fall and spring. I'm 55 years old, but stay active and I can usually fix light duty maintenance issues with the small amount of tools and welder I keep in the garage.
Will probably get the premium package just to get access to the maintenance manuals.
Appreciate and advice yall have to pass on.

Hello again and thanks


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