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Rust Repairs and Respray

Looks like it was overdue some tlc! Now you mentioned it, I remember we cut back the trailing edge of the front and rear wings, but just the outer skin to just before the inner skin. We ran the 37's on oem vx alloys, with 30mm spacers to clear the chassis rails when turning. They stuffed just fine like that.
Hi Lorin, am also local-ish to bournemouth (portsmouth) and need some similar work on my 80 if your guy wants other customers . Cheers.
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There was no sealer on mine. 1995 3 years old and one previous owner. Perhaps later models were sealed as in later windscreens?
The plastic housing the light fits into should be sealed to the body. Don't think the light is sealed into the housing?
A bit more progress. Rear arches have now been clearanced, all rust cut out and new metal put in where needed.







Hi Lori's that is looking a fine job and love the look of it all the best Tony.
That's really top shelf! Congrats! I would love to find a body work specialist like this in the Oxford or Milton Keynes area...
That’s good to know. Yes I’ve got a 1” body lift. I am basically just removing the lip on the back arches with a little extra profile at the rear to stop the rubbing you can see below. Fronts are being cut 1” and the arch profiled again to address minor rubbing at full stuff. Will help if I want to run a little offset. I also want the option to run 38s just in case a set came up at the right price…..

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just go for 44" and be done : )
The welder has been away for a month so work stopped for a bit. Now getting into the home stretch.

Rear is now finished and being primed. Just the front to go…..