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Looking for help with 90 LBJ failure damage and rear axle swap.


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Jun 6, 2023
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Hey I’m brand new here, I’ve got a 2001 3.4 90 series and I really need some help getting it back on the road.

First, one of the axle mounts for the upper support arm busted right after I bought it due to rust so I went ahead and found a used axle in great condition and slapped it in. The problem is, I didn’t even notice the original axle has no diff locker, the new one does.

Second, I had the passenger side lower ball joint fail on me at about 80 k/h and there was a lot of damage, I replaced the cv, steering knuckle, brake caliper and ball joint, but I’m afraid there may have been more damage to the front differential. There was quite a lot of yellow oily fluid that came out when I pulled the cv and that didn’t seem right. Also at the time of the accident, after the car slid to a stop, there was some grinding noises seemingly coming from the transmission or front differential as I shifted into park. Now the 4x shifter is acting a bit funny as well.

Now that all these new parts are installed, I tested the drivetrain by starting it up and putting it in drive while its off the ground and there’s some weird things happening. The drivers front wheel seems to be getting all the power in Rwd, 4H, and 4L, which seems strange. The passenger front wheel that was damaged won’t spin at all, and the rear wheels don’t spin evenly or seem to get much power.

could there be an issue with the transfer case?
should I pull the front diff?
what can I do about the rear diff locker? is there a way to set it and forget it without having to wire it up?


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