Safari Snorkel Land Cruiser 90 Colorado


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Aug 10, 2010
Witham, Essex, United Kingdom
So here it is my Safari Snorkel from Paul @ West Coast Off Road Centre also known as West Coast 4x4 :D


So Saturdays the day then kids & wife are out all day & my war table is all set out :D



Decided to get Fiery up on an axle stand & remove the front wheel :D From what I've read some do & some don't :| I did :thumbup:


Removed the inner plastic arch 3 or 4 10mm self tapping set screws & a pile of plastic trim fixings :D


Four of the plastic trim fixings broke when removed :( Will have to pick some up from the main stealers when I'm next there :)


So whats up there behind that plastic inner arch then :?: :? :)

Well the side indicator wiring :)


This was easy to remove :D I just squeezed the tabs on the back of the side indicator lens & it pushed out :thumbup: I left the wire conected while I did this so I could get a better look @ how best to disconect the lense from the lamp :? It just twists off very easily :thumbup:



I then just tucked the wiring, lamp holder & lamp into a hole in the inner wing to keep it all out of the way for the duration :)


And then there's the boom box :)


That was easy out just two 10mm set screws & a gentle pull towards the rear of the truck :)


Then cut it as per Safari instructions :)


I read that someone had managed to cut it in a way that left the second fixing tab behind, but I couldn't see how that would be possible :? So I just cut as per the instructions :thumbup: I'd also read of someone else making & fitting a new second fixing bracket but I didn't think it was required upon refitting the boom box :thumbup:

I used some of this for all of my sealing requirments :) Didn't buy it special it was just the best thing I had in the shed for the job :thumbup:


Used it to stick the steel collar into the boom box :thumbup: @ first I thought this needed to stick out so as to fix the flexible pipe to :roll: This is not the case & its to stop the boom box collapsing when the flexi pipe is tightened onto it :D So it pushes flush with the new cut line :thumbup:


I got a bit keen while trying to make it look prety :roll: :oops: :p Good job I've plenty of that mastic :lol:


So that all done time to start the real deal :D I just took my time to get the stencil correctly located :)


I then used a fine tip permanent marker to mark the holes & cuts directly onto the body :| I'd read of some covering the area in masking tape first but I decided just to go for it :D


Nice :thumbup: :D

I then pilot drilled the centre of all of the hoile using a 3/4mm drill bit, no dot punching just a vari speed drill & a bit of patience :) I found that the centre punch run the risk of causing more damage than it was worth :D


So that all done it was time to drill the big hole (83mm) :shock: Now as it happened I had an 83mm hole saw in the shed but if I hadn't I think I would have gone with the lots of small holes an hacksaw blade & a file :) The other bit of advice that someone gave was to get another person to squirt cutting fluid onto the saw while making the cut :thumbup: Good idea but I had no cutting fluid & no one to squirt it onto the job :think: So I went over to the bin & pulled out a plastic bottle poked a hole in the side @ the bottom with a screwdriver & another on the opposite side @ the top of the bottle (AKA a Party Seven :lol: ;) ) then filled it with water, poped it up onto the bonnet allowing the water to pour down the wing while I drilled the hole :thumbup: It worked a treat keeping the cut nice & cool so no burnt paint :thumbup: :thumbup: :D

P8210164.jpg going back now :dance:


Little bit more :D


Bingo :p Jobs a good'un :dance:


Now the top two holes 16mm :think: The instructions suggest a step drill but I had a 16mm hole saw in the shed so saved the money & went with the hole saw :D Same as the big hole with the dripping water bottle :thumbup:


Now the bottom hole 9.5mm :think: Mmmmmm........nearly went with the 10mm option but the found my glasses & a 9.5mm drll :dance: :D


Time to cut out the odd shapes :) I decided to use my Jigsaw with some carpet tape on the sole plate to protect the paintwork :thumbup: Go slowly if you decide to go with this option as it was prety savage :!:


Oooops........ :( :whistle: :oops: :) ;)


Couple of 16mm holes for the new indicator hole & a bit of light jigsaw action :twisted:


A bit of light filing :roll: :D



A bit of paint around the edges :)


Test fit the snorkel to mark out the window frame fixing bracket :)


:roll: :roll: Fitted the bracket on around the wrong way :roll: :roll:


There that's better :D :thumbup:


I found a pencil the best thing to mark the brackets position as it was all a little tight for space up there :)

Once the snorkel was back off I found it prety difficult to mark all four holes for the bracket in one go :( So holding the bracket in position I marked only the top hole, drilled it & fitted the plastic plug :) I was then able to screw the bracket into place using this one fixing allowing me to accuratly reposition the bracket & mark the remaining holes. I then removed the bracket & the plastic plug drilled the remaining holes & then painted the edges before refitting the bracket with a small bead of black silicon mastic behind it :)





Repositioned the snorkel & fitted it as per the instructions :) Don't do what I did & think you can get away with fitting all of the studs before offering up the snorkel you can't :) Just follow the instructions & all will work out :thumbup:



Here's a picture up the inside of the wing of the back of the snorkel once all fitted & tightened up :)


That top right hand nut & washer were a real bugger & I'd have to say took the most out of me on the whole job :( :) I used a combination of flexi head ratchet ring spanner & a small 1/4" ratchet & socket :)

Flexi pipe all fitted :D I used a bit of that white mastic to get a good seal @ each end :D The pipe clamp @ the snorkel end is a bit tight on space so I angled it slightly & used a 1/4" flexi extension with a socket to tighten it up :) It's probaly easier to refit the indicator before fitting the flexi pipe :thumbup:




Just the top to fit :D


So plastic inner arch fitted back in, wheel back on, job & knock :) Six hours from start to finish including the tidy up & a shower :D

Photos from all angles :D





There that's that then :D

Sorry if there's any spelling, punctuation or spacing issues as it's took a while to creat this & it's time for bed :D

Hope that it's of interest to someone sometime :D
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Ecky Thump

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Mar 4, 2010
Reigate, Surrey
Cracking write up

''I read that someone had managed to cut it in a way that left the second fixing tab behind, but I couldn't see how that would be possible''

That was me by the way when I did Tommo's fit. Never think to do photos when I do owt.
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