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Screen leaks, insurance, fuel light.



As for sealing the screen, make sure you don't use any domestic
silicone caulk between rubber seal and body void - acetic acid+steel
= rust. Only use black body mastic from an auto accessory store if
you can't get the proper windscreen sealant.
As far as I am aware they are more interested in pedestrian
protection, and that usually means caution with bullbars and anything
else on the front that is not as 'smooth' and pedestrian friendly as
the vehicle manufacturer intended. That's where the likes of NFU are
more sympathetic than others who are more used to dealing with
Fiestas. I told Tesco about my 'A' bar on my Pajero (Jap import, bar
required for supporting mandatory dinnerplate sized foglights in that
country) and they accepted it without premium. But I am sure that if
I presented them with my 80 and its deep wrap-around bullbar, they
would object. On the other hand my Bosnian insurers just wanted the
money and are not even bothered about naming drivers!
Fuel light
Now in my fifth year of ownership, perhaps I have just found another
'extra' that is not fitted/connected on the military spec 80. I knew
I was running low on fuel in both tanks, but at present the 80 is
grounded and I just run it up and drive round a short circuit every 2
weeks to keep it sweet. So of course I ran out of fuel (it was
already back in its parking place though) and it would not start till
I put 5 litres in the sub tank. It took a lot of bleeding and I had
to disconnect the filter outlet pipe before I could rid it of air.
Once done it soon started with one injector cracked-off. So the
question is, without removing the instrument panel, how can I
check-out the fuel light wiring using a wonderful Haynes manual ? My
wiring loom is full of cables and connectors, but it does not always
follow that they connect with accessories that are fitted in more
luxurious models, even dash lights. Evidence of the cable at the
sender on top of the tank does not mean there is a lamp at the other end!
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia