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Shipping to South Africa - Andy Bell



Hi Dennis,
When I shipped my Land Cruiser over, I did it along with a load of
household stuff - so from a cost point of view, it isn't really
compatible. I used Robinsons on this side and Elliots in South Africa -
both were very good - but they are more 'removal' that 'car shipping'
companies. The only bad things were that, despite repeated
instructions, thje guys in the UK put the handbrake on then car, so it
needed a tow truck to get it out of the container as the pads were very
seized on. Also, Elliots couldn't start it - they didn't know how to
reconnect the battery (!), so I had to go and do it myself.
Personally, I went for the container option and would probably have also
done this even if I'd just been shipping the car as, in Roro the car has
to be empty and anything you leave in it gets pinched. If you think
about a prepared cruiser - it's quite hard to make it 'empty' - and even
if you did, you have to still ship your other 4x4/adventure hardware.
In terms of costs, I know that shipping has been getting steadily
pricier of late - they blame it on fuel and sometimes pirates (!) but I
found that for plain FCL container rates, if you shop around, they all
tend to come out more of less the same.
If 1800 is for container shipment, then fill you car with things you can
sell in SA at a profit and bob is your mother's brother.
Good luck!
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Hi, (Hoelykkit!)
I'm thinking of shipping our cruiser back to Cape Town
next year. Andy, I understand from Julian that you've
shipped your cruiser to South Africa before. Which
shipping company did you use? Was it container / RORO?
Can they be recommended? And what was the cost please?
Another Elco, bushwacker, gave me some details of a
shipping company he used, but I would like 1 more
I've shipped our 60-series cruiser in 2004, but the
same company is now quoting =A31800, an increase from
Thanks for your help.
Dennis Lamminga
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1996 1HD-FT import, OME lift
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