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Simex on/off-road



I've been running 34x10.5.x16 Jungle Tracker II for 3 years now and I am
relatively happy with them.
They are great off-road in the normal UK arena (mud, bogs, grassy stuff).
Not overly great on a side camber but wasn't comparing to other 80s (mostly
all smaller 90s) in a similiar situation and a different tire setup.
They can dig down and I've gotten stuck (buried axles) a few times when the
'bottom' is not reached (terra firma). Takes a bit of uump to get a really
stuck 80 out :)
They also dig down in snow and I've direct comparisions where buddy (80)
running MTR's (deflated) will ride on top while I keep digging down.
Deflating the Simex can help for grip but u don't get the spread as u do
with the (softer sidewall) MTR's.
They are not good on solid rock as a lot of the (harder) trails that I meet
over here (Colorado) and thats more in the respect that the outside lugs get
ripped off. In that sense they are 'softer' and wear more than the MTR's
(which is what I come up against in the other 80s that I run with).
I choose mine (while in Scotland) after talking with lots other 4x4's,
several tire makers and looking at each of the tires that was on my
shortlist. In the end I went with the Simex because I was running my truck
across farmers land (who didn't want me ripping up his 'cow' pasture) and
needed to travel 1-3 miles to go feed duck ponds (fly a falcon after them
later :). Half of the land was very boggy (not pasture there and didn't care
if ripped that up) and wet and a non agressive thread would get me nowhere.
The Simex worked great in that they dug in but did not break the grass layer
as long as u went slow and didn't spin - few hours later u won't see the
thread. However at heavy traffic areas (gates) and when cows trampled it was
steady but had to be all locked up not to spin in the mud.
I've just done some measurements (against Alan Thompson brand new ones) of
mine and I'll post the exact wear and tear details (as I've got logged how
many road miles I've put on them). IF u are going to do a LOT of road miles
to get to 4x4 trails they these are not the tire as they will wear more and
are not as safe as an MTR etc. on-road, especially with splippy surfaces.
For road manners they are so-so for an aggresive MT tire. Most other MT
tires will give u better manners as they will have more thread/lugs on the
road at any time. They are noisy if the windows are down but u learn to keep
music up and learn to drive slower. These are not the tires to be running at
70mph coming into a bend on a wet road.
Jon has the experience on the Extreme version. I didn't go for these as the
guy I bought them off ran a lot of off-road buggy races in his custom 90
rig. He broke several axles parts with the Extreme's on as the grip was
toooo good!
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Yes I agree the 80 is very controllable in the wet what ever the tyre.
I would like two sets of tyres as well, I would have mud terrain or Simex on
in the winter here and All terrain in the summer, but could justify mud's
all year around and perhaps Simex in the winter but I have no experience of
the Simex and do not know what are its road manors are like. Would they be
likely to be ruined driving distances on the road?
I am considering Simex Extreme Trekker 35". I see that you are using
Goodyear MTR how do you find them on and off road?
Anthony Graham
West Wale
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Hi Anthony/Jon,
Well I have had my last (on BFG ATs) and current (on Goodyear Wrangler MT's)
LC's sideways in the wet on tarmac.
The ATs are a little bit better than the MTs in the wet, although the MTs
aren't that bad - you really have to be pushing it to get the back end out
then it is easy to control.
Ideally I would have 2 sets of rims - ATs for general use and perhaps
something like some Simexes for weekends.
Julian Voelcker
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Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift, ARB