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Simon and John's vibration problems



Hi Guys,
Was thinking about this one yesterday and initially have a few
Following on fuelling issue idea:
What is your fuel consumption like?
Does the exhaust smoke much?
What is the overall 'performance' like?
The things I would check are:
Make sure you have a reasonably new fuel filter - if not replace.
See if you get a sucking noise when you undo the fuel cap after a run -
if you do strip down to the cap to clean up the valve (it's a little
fiddly, but it can be prized apart and cleaned) and also check the tank
breather - this runs from the top of the tank on the passenger side
clipped to the body and then has a rubber hose that runs down and into
the cross member above the rear axle - pull it out and see if it is
filled with crud (what ever you do, don't blow into it - you will just
blow the crud into the tank!!).
Check the actual tank - push the middle seats forward and then pull the
carpet back from just behind them - on the passenger side you should
see an inspection hatch (you might need to remove the middle seat on
the passenger side) - open the hatch and you will see the cover to the
tank. Clean it off as much as you can, then undo the pipes and
electrical connectors and then open the cover up - be careful removing
it because it has the fuel gauge sensor on it. Check to see that the
gauze filter on the end of the pickup is clean and also check that
there is no crud in the plastic bowl that sits in the tank.
If you have access to an air line, or don't mind getting diesel on your
mouth, blow through the breather pip that goes to the rear and also the
large diameter pipe that goes to the front - you will need to undo this
from the fuel filter and it is worth putting the end into a bowl or
large bottle to catch the contents - I had a lot of black slime in
Within the tank you will see what almost looks like an ice cream tub -
check to see that there is no crud floating around in then bottom - if
had a little bit of water in mind and used a basting pipette to suck it
Try all that and then take it for a spin to see if it makes a
On the torque convertor side of things - John, ask the question on the
80s list, the chap from Wholesale Automatics in Aus might pick it up
and provide more pointers.
Julian Voelcker
Mobile: 07971 540362
Cirencester, United Kingdom
1994 HDJ80, 2.5" OME Lift