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Snorkel & Filters



Not all snorkels have an open scoop, most we see out here have a bell
shaped cap so take-in air from all around. Think of a tractor air cleaner
intake of models 25 years ago and you will know what I mean. (Plenty of old
tractors around you I suggest).
On filters, for the 4Runner at least, Toyota used to supply a washable
paper filter, which I used to happily wash every so often. Don't they do
them any more, especially for the 80?
I am really ignorant about the turbo motors I know, but on my HZ engine the
round air filter can has a separate water and heavy particle trap at the
bottom that drops down beside the wing facing the engine. If yours is the
same, then its easy to open it regularly for cleaning. Just a couple of
spring clips. I get a lot of muck in there at times.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia