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Some selling advice please..


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Jul 9, 2011
Hi folks ,As I'm sure you're aware I'm trying to sell my 100 and I'm having no luck at all! Its been on autotrader and on here and the "other" site as well as eBay and gumtree and I've have not had a single offer , not even a stupid one!
Anyone got any advice on this,my ad,my price(7995) which I think is below what it's worth due to the money I've spent on it but its only worth what someone will pay!
I realise this is a bit of a niche market and it is probably slow at the mo..
Thanks for any help, Larry's rules need not apply
Sorry Gra it expired last night for the fourth time!! I'm reloading later today...
Could be priced too low which sets alarm bells off for potential buyers . Could be a glaring obvious error in your description which buyers will read as dishonesty . Could just be that the government has made it nigh on impossible for a lot of people to afford fuel for a 4x4 . Nobody can help without a link to your ad .
Sorry I can't get a link to work out of eBay app but it's under Toyota landcruiser amazon(LPG). It's also on autotrader and on here,if you want to look!
The price is low as the mileage is a bit on the high side and I've seen an RS6 waiting to be purchased!
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i hope this is your one.

I would change the first picture you see as it could be confused with an advert for an LPG conversion because the first pic you see on the list is the V8 engine
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Cheers mate,thanks for the link.
I'll edit it when I get back on to wifi. It's had 213 hits on autotrader in the last 7 days, maybe it's just not for most folk!
Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 4.7 ( Active ) ( ABS ) ( pwr/sr ) ( a/c VX
Year and plate 2002 02
Mileage 171000
Valuation date 16/03/2013

Body type:StationwagonDoors:5Drive:All Wheel DriveCylinders:8Transmission:Automatic transmissionGears:4Fuel:petrolEngine size (litres):4.7BHP232Max speed (mph):109Acceleration (0-62mph):11.0 secondsWarranty (months):36Paint warranty (mths):36Breakdown cover (mths): n/a
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Taken from Glass so your not far out on price, Im not sure if your location helps but that might just be me as im in the south.
The more information you can provide the better when selling a car, but you can't just put all the info in one big paragraph which is difficult to read. List the bad bits and good bits in 2 separate lists preferably with bullet points. You mention you have put on new tyres but no mention what brand or type. Also the tyre in the boot looks like a MT which will put a lot of people off as it looks like it has been off road a lot and it is not mentioned in the description. Maybe an explanation as to why it is in the boot and why it is different from the other tyres? What LPG kit was used? Who was it installed by? Does it run flashlube? When was it installed? Be factual and try to leave you opinion out of the ad. Things like "But as with most cars its had it's problems with the suspension being the biggest expense and other niggly gremlins that I have sorted as they appeared." gives the buyer the impression that it is a troublesome car, you mentioned the AHC once so no need to mention it again.

Put simply, think about the questions you will ask when buying the car. It better to put it all in the ad in an easy to read format then to be explaining it all on the phone. Your not selling the car, your selling yourself. You need to convince the buyer that you are a responsible owner and that they can trust you. Leaving out crucial information doesn't do you any favours.

I would also try an get some better photos of the truck, there is a lot of background in most pictures and the pictures are small so difficult to see the detail. Take some good pictures of the bodywork in good light and use the the supersize option in ebay so you can enlarge the picture. Good informative pictures tell a thousand words.
Right; quick re-draft (5 mins or so) and I've done this:

Amazon 4.7 Petrol/LPG
Black 2002(02 reg) pre-facelift model with 171k recorded miles; Just passed MOT with (how many?) minor advisories which have been rectified prior to sale

Registered as LPG so £250pa VED as a dual fuel vehicle; 23mpg on LPG, 70p per litre

I have owned this truck for two years

Spec includes:
7 Seats with undamaged Grey leather, with removable 3rd row seats
Tinted windows all round
Cruise Control
Heated Seats
Air Conditioning.

Full service history:
-Last serviced 3k ago
-At 156k all oils and cambelt changed. (15k ago)
-26/1/12 two new pre cat lambdas
-LPG system has just been overhauled and serviced (when?)
-July 2011 two rear brake calipers done. (what do you mean by done?)
-Five new 50/50 tyres, (what do you mean 50/50; are they 50% worn?)
-1 year old suspension (Old Man Emu) When fitted?
iPhone compatible stereo, (is it wired in to the iPhone or Blue tooth?)
Never towed anything. (is there a tow bar?)
K&N filter kit to give the v8 rumble (old system still here)

The electric steering tilt and retract function does not work which is a common fault in these but it manually adjustable to suit your driving position.
The driver’s seat is looking a bit tired as you see in the photo.

I welcome any inspection and questions. If you want to view it I'm available evenings and weekends.


£7995 including 6 months road tax .
Private registration included


The bits that are in blue are bits that I have a query about, and as a purchaser I'd like to know more about them.

What are the key selling points about it?
-Mileage (don't worry about the motorway miles, anything that is high mileage and relatively new is going to be motorway)
-New MOT with any problems sorted out
-Low VED as it's registered as a LPG/Petrol
-Include in the price that the road tax is included

As Rob has said talk about the LPG install, who did it, when was it done and what parts were used, as the quality varies between the different kits.

With the pictures try to find somewhere more atmospheric than an industrial estate car park! We used some pictures taken in the sunshine next to the beach to sell our cars in Aus, and when we sell our car here in the UK we'll take it to the top of Long Mynd and use up there.

Hope that helps,

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Good stuff lads,much obliged. I will amend the description tomorrow and include better information. Cheers,James
Echo most things that have been said above. Amazing how a well written, well laid out ad with decent pics catches your attention immediately, whereas if it's not, you tend to glance at it but move on.

A relatively minor point in the scheme of things but you may want to clarify whether "70p a litre LPG gives 23 mpg combined driving" is actual mpg or the equivalent Petrol mpg due to the LPG/petrol price difference; I reckon it is probably the latter.

Good luck with the sale. :thumbup:
Here's my advert that I had for my 73; I used the same text for everywhere, and kept it short and sweet.

@Rob and @Paddler Ed.....
Guys this is what makes this forum so special... The unselfish and endless help offered by so many, on so many topics.

Well done guys, even though its not my car, bravo, bravo, bravo to you both !!!
Well 715 views and 16 watchers later(I'd say half from here!!) just 2 offers. 3.5k and 6k! Might take some time....... I was hoping this last blast of snow would generate some offers but hey ho..Thanks got all the input lads,much obliged
I just looked at the ad and despite thinking to myself "that looks a tidy car" it didn't grab my attention . I would suggest the interior pics are great but the exterior pics are completely uninspiring . I'd delete the ad and start again only this time take your photo then take a step closer and take another photo , keep getting closer and taking pics until you can't see the whole truck on your camera . When you load the pics onto a computer you can often see more than you did on the camera .

For your description title just put - Landcruiser - that forces people to click on the ad to find out more . Inside write - Landcruiser petrol with LPG conversion 171k and full Toyota service history .

Anyone with a genuine interest will then phone you to hear more , good bits and bad bits are easier on the ear than when written down . If it's as clean as it looks in the pics I imagine it will sell quickly once a few have seen it in the flesh .
Yeah good shout,and not the first to comment in pics! I rewrote the add but didn't get time to re-photo the truck. I think I'll get it up the mountains and get some inspiring scenic ones! Ta much,James