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Hi all.
A general question here on parts etc - I have recently started on going
'over' the 80 series and just checking over everything - one thing I want to
do is strip down both front corners and then rebuild them back up - now I'm
thinking that the minimum I'll need will be two front gasket sets and then
replace what's needed as I find what's required.
So I've looked around and seen a Toyota-factor parts site with all (or most
of bits needed) - now as I'm new to this Toyota lark I need to know what
bits I should get from my Toyota dealer - genuine - and what bits can I go
to a 'motor factor' for.
I haven't mentioned any names in the motor-factors and whilst I know of only
one - if anyone knows where else to go to get either genuine parts (not from
the dealer - but an importer) or 'motors factors' it would be most welcome.
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Hi Denis,
Use the Milner hub and seal kit for around =A332 and then dump the plastic inner hub and inner axle seals they use and get the genuine Toyota ones - 90310-35010 for the inner axle seal and 90311-62001 for the inner hub seals.
The plastic Milner seals just don't last - I think 200 miles is the least amount of time I have seen them last.
When rebuilding the corners do be prepared to replace the swivel bearings - these are often overlooked and often in pretty poor condition.
Again, don't waste time with the Milner bearings, most of them are cheap Chinese copies, get Koyo or Timken, here are the numbers:
Inner Wheel Bearing - Koyo JLM104948/JLM104910
Outer Wheel Bearing - Koyo LM102949/LM102910
Steering Knuckle - Koyo 30304AJR-2-N/30304AJ
Julian Voelcker
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European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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