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speedo needle question



Hi All,
Some weeks ago I put a post on 80scool about the 'conversion' that a previous
owner had done to the kph speedo on my 80 to make the face read in mph (the
kph face is still fitted, but the needle does strange things).
Anyway, I've establised that the speedo gearing is standard, and I think
that all the previous bodger has done is pull the needle off the speedo,
turn it anticlockwise some degrees, and then replace it. This is borne
out by the behavoir of the speedo - does nothing at low speed then picks
up gradually - eventually picking up saster than mph.
So, my question is - what is the correct resting point for the speedo needle-
do your 'hover' over the 0 mph mark on the face when stopped, or does itrest on the timing belt light reset pin, as mine does at the mo??
Small question :)
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On mine the speedo needle rests on a pin which holds it exactly at zero.
This is not the timing belt reset pin, which is maybe 1/2" below, but another one that is obviously intended for this purpose..
Christopher Bell
1996 1HD-FT
I can't answer your question, however did you see the MPH conversion
dials on eBay - they just slip over the top of the existing speedo.
If you can run with the dash in bits, I would be inclined to get a GPS,
get onto some dual carriageway at 60 and then twiddle with the needle
until it is set correctly - crude but effective!
Julian Voelcker
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