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springs,shocks etc.



Afternoon all,
I need to replace the bushes on the front suspension, so thought I may as well do the shocks too.
Milner cannot help (the bushes and shocks are heavy duty for the Pick Up) so I have asked 4x4 dealers various, for quotes.
So far I have a quote of =A31,300 for both front and back, but this includes springs.
So do I really need to replace the springs?
How do I carry out the replacement of bushes etc. if the springs don't need replaced?
I wouldn't ask this but the max ellery manual I have just bought for my vehicle does not cover parabolic springs, although my model is plastered over the front cover!
Another query - the guy who previously owned the vehicle messed about with the old fuel lines and tank connections (it has 2 tanks), he also must have taken out the original filter unit, and replaced it with crappy inline ones. Basically it all has to go. Unfortunately milner cant help, so it is either a Toyota part, or it crossed my mind that a tractor one could be equally suitable and probably cheaper?
If I have to go down the Toy genuine part route, would the bog standard 1HZ filter unit have the capacity, bearing in mind mine has had a turbo fitted?
Any suggestions and help gratefully received.
New Forest UK
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'90 - AUS, imported '96, HZJ75 Pick Up - 4.2 dsl - manual - retro fitted


Your post got through ... must have missed it...
=A31300 for shocks and sprins seems like the money for a very serious
competition kit. Not sure about the '75, but do you really need to
replace the springs every time you change the bushes or shocks?
Fuel filter - any quality filter will do. It's just the question where
you go to get replacement filter elements. A minor point might be a
warnign function (80 series has it) when water is collected in the
filter - separator. I use an cheap Crossland type 522 inline filter
and altenatively a stock LC filter or Racor 500FGSS. It's massive,
has very good flow rate, combines filter and separator and offers a
choice of elements from 2 micron to 30 ,icron.
Check fort reasonably priced filter elements.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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