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standard(ish) height springs


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Apr 27, 2010
other than main dealer, what are my options for standard height springs? my rears are looking pretty saggy an an arb link has snapped so i think its time to change.

milner will do a pair for £55, but i'd like to see what else is on offer and at what price. landcruiser spring hunting seems much more difficult than for land rovers.

thanks for your help

Most of the bigger aftermarket suspension brands do a standard height replacement spring, in addition to their more popular lifts. I know OME, Ironman and TJM do standard height replacement springs. I think some of them may even offer slightly heavier duty standard height springs as an option :?:
Anyway, I suspect all of these will be quite a bit more pricey than Milner. Ironman is probably the cheapest of the 3 I've mentioned but you're probably in for £80-100 a pair...