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i have great admiration in yur perseverence, I would argue that I am more
mechanically challenged than you, it scares me to death to even approach a
vehicle (or anything else) with a spanner or a screwdriver, as the object in
question immediately takes the opportunity to take the piss..when it says
"loosen the bolt" why is the bolt always rusted up, and when i turn it why
does it break..
why when i do get the bolt out does it fall into the most inacessable part
of the vehicle, why have I always got one nut over at the end of any job,
why do i always buy the spare that fits version B when i have in fact
version A..I could go on but I'm depressing im going to wext
africa and Australia with a copy of Haynes manual and some spares...not many
spares as i have no idea whats gonna go wrong..some hoses, some belts,
filters, Im takng spanners although Im not sure why..the most important
thing I'm taking is MONEY so I can pay someone to repair it
You may think I am stupid, and I of course would agree totally, but hell it
all makes good copy for the web site
ill be unsubscribing from this site before I go, but I have have avidly read
all the advice from the experts over the last couple of years, and have
prompltly forgotten it..did I mention that I also have alzheimers...but
tyhanks anyway to all yu experts
regards to all and Im looking forward to seeing John ANSWER all the
questions when I return
jeff watts
"In the worship of security we fling our lives beneath the wheels of