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steering set up



Hi Guys
Because my cruiser is laid up now for over a week and I start it every few days I need to ask a few questions.
I have had a steering fluid leak at the box for years and have been using the Lucas Stop Leak for that period of time, just needing to top it up every now and again
I have been experiencing a weird noise which is located I think under the resevoir like the noise you get if the fluid is low.
I decided to change some of the fluid out today as suggested a while back on the list at the resevoir to see if that would make a difference.
All that is in there is the stop leak fluid at this stage.
I am taking the fluid out with a syringe.
Could the thicker liquid be putting pressure on the pump because its viscosity is thicker. ???
How much fluid is in the steering system. ???
I have changed out about 1 pint so far.
Is the fluid in the resevoir pumped through out the whole steering system.???
Do I need to run the engine to get the liquid flowing. ???
Is it possible to get it all out through the resevoir a bit at a time.???
Why is it when I take some thick fluid out and replace with clean fluid and take this out withing a few seconds it is also thick. ???
Its like the clean fluid sinks to the bottom of the pipes and the think fluid rises but how can this be. ???
john 92HDJ 80 1HDT