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Sub tank range


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Oct 3, 2012
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So I have a factory sized sub tank which i am not 100% sure on size as people seem to quote different litres. Does anyone know for sure what size they are?

Secondly does anyone know what range they get from there's?

I just did 240 miles on mine and was worried about it running out yet fuel station I only got 45 liters in making my 80 on 35s back loaded up doing 24mpg which I think is amazing.
50 litres.

i get 200 to 250 miles out of mine.
Thanks so I was pretty close to done then
My aux tank is plumbed in such a way that I only switch tanks when it runs out as the gauge is so unreliable. Do you have an additional fuel pump?
I think mine has been plumped in to run as 2 separate systems. There is a gauge but that doesn't work. I wanted to try it before taking out to fix the gauge.
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uses the factory switch over solenoids if its the 80 i think it is.