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Suspension work


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Oct 26, 2022
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Hi all,

I had to replace the front left ball joint last year because the tester failed on a worn boot. It failed again this year but the new boot is fully burst open and the drop lin has worn.
I think they tightened it on to tight because the castle nut was gone way past the pin. Do ye think the drop link has worn because the ball joint was put on to tight? The rear right top arm has also worn and needs replacing. I just want to hear what the experts think before I get the work done as the wear may be linked to the bad install last year. The guys who fit the ball joint have admitted to it being done wrong but I'm wondering is the other worn parts part of it as well.

The whole suspension system was in perfect condition last year, was just a cracking boot that failed.


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Those ball joints have to be torqued pretty high onto the hub carrier. On after market joints (and you can’t buy Toyota balls, just the whole arm) I’ve often ended with the castle nut on the limit of where the hole is for the pin. Personally I doubt that did for the drop link. The OEM links really last and are about £80 each. After market £20 links much less so in my experience, but they’re easy to change so probably not much in it.
Thanks Rob,
I've it booked in for the work. I was hoping to make time to try it myself but am way to busy with other projects.