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Jul 1, 2013
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hi folks,

noticed a hint of oil in the front off side shocks, think it might be time to think about replacing them.

I dont see my LC really turning into a greenlaning rig, atleast not in the next 2 - 3 years; for this time its going to be the family daily drive and the overlanding rig - we do hope to get out and on the road quite a bit starting early 2016; So I guess need to cater to some level of load, but not with heavy front/read bumpers etc.

recommendations ?
If it was me i would stick with Genuine toyota shocks if your not planning on anything to rough. I dont know how many miles yours has covered, but you should get a good many miles out of new ones, once replaced.

Do you like the way it rides now?
I replaced mine with Tokico shocks from Milners which were identical to what was fitted, and what I assume where the original shocks. £48 each. That said I replaced them because both the originals snapped where they join the bottom wishbone at about 90K miles. They do get a good pounding around the farm. Done another 50K on the replacements.
Done 113k at the moment. The present ride isn't bad. It's quite nice with a full load on.
My OME shocks are about 10 years old and 100k miles in and all good,just wondering how long OEM 120 shocks last?
I've got Monroe Adventure to fit on mine, so can't comment yet.
Can't remember percentages but are suitable on/off road.
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Still on the originals, they're the electrically adjustable ones and appear to be working fine, that much undebody grease and ACF50 sprayed about you'd never notice if they were leaking.
Whilst i'll keep the rear air suspension going as long as possible i wouldn't spend out ridiculous money for new OE electrical adjustable dampers, some half decent standard gas shocks would go on instead.

I didn't buy or fit them, but the previous 95 Collie was sat on slightly raised OME springs and shocks, the ride was too firm for me so wouldn't be in a hurry to go that route again bearing in mind the deteriorating state of our roads (which accurately reflect the passage of our country as it rapidly rounds the U bend).
When I got the 120 with 130K I replaced the rears with genuine as they were in the area of £50 each but the fronts were very dear so I put Sachs ones on which for the past 40K have been perfect.
Does anyone know for sure if OEM shocks would fit my slightly raised OMEmu 40/25mm medium springs?
The springs and lift are spot on for what I do and the original roll in corners was sorted,but offroad on hardpack the dogs are bouncing off the floor in the back! I'm going to buy some softer shocks but it's difficult because you obviously can't return them if they aren't suitable for me.
I have airbags being an lc5, and they seem to be expected to last 250k miles. The front shocks, with the Toyota electric control seems to be going well at 80k+ miles ; so from a life perspective I would say the OE kit is fine

With the lift, I am sure they will 'fit'. But no idea what the extra extension does to their utility.
Thanks GOK,
I guess the proper way is to take my OME shocks off the car and measure them fully compresed and open?
West Coast Offroad confirm the Ironman 50mm lift shocks will fit.
It would be nice to be able to consider OEM and Bilstein as well.
In the summer I use General Grabber At2's 265/70/17 and in the winter I use Continental Ice Grip winter tyres 265/65/17.
The reason I have this tyre choice is economic, both sets were like new S/H and cheap. It did require me to purchase another set of five wheels amd I run the winter tyres November to April and the others the summer months.
Do you get any rubbing from the Grabbers in the front wheel arches?