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[tech] [80] diff fixen



If u clarify later what the problem is I can help with the actuator workings
and electrical aspects.
I've had to "repair" mine several times (more rear than front) so I
regretable know the insides of these pretty well.
I've a 96 (Us petrol model) and can send scanned schematics and pics of
"bits" etc.
Lal in Colorado
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Subject: Re: [ELCO] Diffs and ranges
Hi Roman
Thank you for the URL.
I think it is most likely that the problem I have will be with the diff dial
on the dash because some light switches fitted just below the dial. Atleast
that is where I think I will start looking. I suppose this could be tested
by seeing if there was a switching voltage being transmitted to the
actautors, wherever they might be.
If I get to the stage of needing to look at the actuator do you know anyone
near Bristol who could look at them?
Incidentally, it is definately not the indicator light that is not working
because for a brief second or so these light up when the ignition is turned
Regards Tony
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On 6/6/05, Tony Steele <[Email address removed]> wrote:
I bet you're familiar with this:
As for fixing the car before a trip to the Sahara - it helps. Most
people who drive there make it across the desert, some don't. If you
join the latter group, you will be faced with a choice of paying
someone to get your car towed from the middle of nowhere to a repair
shop or being towed by the friends you travel with. The first option
may cost you your nest year's holiday. The second may cost you many
hours, or even days, of driving eight meters behind another car,
without the engine running, so no A/C,, no PS, no brakes, staring
intensly in the brake lights of the car in front, being jerked each
time the tow rope pulls tight. It will also cost you the respect of
your friends when they learn you new about the problems but never
fixed them.
Sorry if it sound a bit harsh but I've been with people who went on a
trip just hoping they would get by with a little help from the others,
in cars with broken diffs, no oil in the transfer box, leaking fuel
tanks, dodgy engines. The other guys can't say "OK, it's not my car,
so it's not my problem", they just have to tow the old bugger for
hundreds of miles across the most inhospitable part of the world.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80


Getting it fixed at a Toyo dealer will cost some mucho dinars.
Getting it fixed at a local garage will take time and money as unlikely
they've every diagnoised a TLC lockers.
That actually is likely for a Toyo dealer as well except they will have the
luxury of a factory service manual (FSM).
Good luck trying to find a dealer or other shop that has actually fixen one.
I'd look to work on it yourself and I (and others can help with whats
wrong). There is also good fixen info on 80scool and ih8mud where this topic
has been covered b4.
If u're not up for it then try and find someone mechanically minded that is
willing to get some online help/advice.
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Subject: Re: [ELCO] Diffs and ranges
The rear and front diffs do not seems to work, or at least I don't get
lights on the dash or hear any whirring noises when I turn the dial.
I can see that I could get the car on a hoist and I could get a volt meter
and I could take the dash off; but my real question is where do I go to get
this fixed? I don't mind spending some money on it if it works at the end.
I am concerned that a mechanic will not understand the problem, tell me what
is wrong when they have no idea what is wrong, replace something that is not
broken and return the car without having fixed it telling me that something
else must have gone wrong.
Any suggestions?