thermostat and the jiggle valve

chris lc90

Active Member
Aug 18, 2010
greece athens
during winter a lot of mud stucked to my radiator.(i didnt know that :dance: )the first days of summer i noticed that the temperature remain too first think was the water pump, or the main gasket of cylinder cover or thermostat.i checked immediately the raditor for leakage-it was bubbles to the open cap of radiator (so i didnt have crack to cylinder or corrosion to the flat surface of the maingasket),no leakage from the water pump.
when i flushed the radiator everything was ok..but needs to take it out and wash it i changed also the fluid.and thermostat.has 170.000 km but i dont know when changed the previous owner thermostat or ..the fluid..when i opened i saw the jiggle v/v in 45 deg right side instead of 12 oclock position (or -30 deg +30 deg deviation).also i checked the old and the new thermostat together .warm a pot and when the temp rise to 40 deg celsious i put them inside..the old one had one small delay during opening and close more quickly when i took them out of the water. ... e%20valve/
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