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Tim Maw - London Marathon Sponsorship.



On Sunday 22nd April it will be time to put on the running shoes and
go for another 26 mile sight seeing tour of London.
In 2003 I ran for the Mines Advisory Group, an organisation I wish to continue to support. For more information on their work please visit
If you would like to sponsor my efforts please make a pledge to
[Email address removed]
I encourage you to forward this email to anyone I have missed off the list who may wish to support MAG's great work.
Thank you....... and please pray for a cool day!
Tim Maw
07971 685 323
=EF=BF=BC=EF=BF=BCMAG (Mines Advisory Group) is one of the world's leading
humanitarian organisations providing conflict-affected countries with a real chance for a better future.
We clear the remnants of conflict from some of the world's poorest
nations, we educate and employ local people and help provide
solutions for those trapped by poverty and economic devastation
through no fault of their own.
Operating since 1989 and having worked on a variety of conflict-
related projects in around 35 countries, MAG is also co-laureate of
the 1997 Nobel Peace Prize, awarded for our work with the
International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Our aims are:
To deliver on our promise to save lives and build futures globally by implementing our innovative solutions for conflict-affected communities.
To enable governments and institutions to address the needs of
conflict-affected communities through funding our activities.
To work with partners and others who share our impact-driven approach and further enable people to escape from the poverty and suffering
caused by conflict.
To create awareness and secure public contributions so we can provide an effective response to the wider problems caused by the presence of remnants of conflict.